30 May 2024
21 February 2024


Social media as part of
an influence strategy


Imfusio is a B Corporation consulting firm with 20 years’ experience in organisational transformation, which it firmly believes to have a positive impact on the world. I’ve worked with Imfusio to share its message since 2020.

Boosting the visibility of
a little-known consulting firm

When I first learnt about Imfusio, I was immediately intrigued: the company seemed to operate in ways I hadn’t come across before (shared governance, unlimited holidays, self-defined salaries*, etc.) and yet was still a profitable business. Despite my misgivings, curiosity got the better of me and I formed a three-person team, along with Laure Modesti-Jubin (The Society Company) and Géraldine Soulier (a PR specialist), to develop and implement a comprehensive and integrated influence plan:
- Laure oversaw overall strategy, partnerships, editorial direction
- Géraldine developed a media plan and handled relationships with journalists
- I focused on social media influence.
After a preparatory phase during which we identified internal spokespeople and provided an overview of the media and social media landscapes, along with initial recommendations, we established an editorial committee to coordinate the project.
*Since then, I’ve learnt about a host of other concepts, from dotmocracy to sociocratic elections, particularly while working on Imfusio’s open-source library for collective intelligence resources.

Much more than
social media management

Social listening

I contribute to social media conversations on subjects that are important to Imfusio, using the company account. I also identify key opinion leaders and contact the company’s internal spokespeople about specific conversations and interactions.

Editorial coordination

I ensure that Imfusio posts regularly on social media (primarily on LinkedIn at present ) and I create an editorial calendar with suggested subjects and angles. Every week, my in-house contact, Ségolène, and I discuss current areas of focus for communication and approve the wording of the posts that I have written before I post them online. This is also an opportunity to make changes to the editorial calendar to reflect Imfusio’s latest news. We aim to raise awareness of Imfusio, whether through events, media coverage or the production of our own content.

Writer and writing coach

Now that I’m well-acquainted with Imfusio and everything it does, I feel comfortable drafting posts independently, making the connection between resources shared by the team, current events, the company’s expertise and its communication priorities. I also write posts that are based on bullet points sent by the team or short interviews. In addition, I provide feedback for team members who have written their own content for social media.

Reporting and continuous improvement

Every month, I provide a report on Imfusio’s performance on social media. These KPIs have contributed to our decision-making: for example, we’ve reduced the number of Imfusio-owned social media accounts to enhance the company’s social media presence. Just as the social media landscape is always evolving, so we constantly need to adapt.

A long-term relationship
that’s making an impact

Imfusio’s LinkedIn community has grown organically by 80% in 2.5 years (over 4,500 followers as of September 2023) and, most importantly, we’ve generated conversations and cemented the company’s strategic position.

‘Are you looking to make a complicated subject more widely accessible? Have you been going round in circles for too long? Then you need to work with Loreleï. She works miracles with her words and can transform the most abstract concepts into clear, well-written and incisive texts.'

Ségolène Guitton, Chairperson of Imfusio

a larger audience

I’d been working with Imfusio on projects related to influence and social media for two years when they decided to build a platform to make their transformation resources available to a larger audience. The platform includes a resource centre for clients and an open-source library, available to anyone who visits Imfusio’s website.

Tools to ensure

For the library’s launch, we decided to provide a first batch of information sheets, each describing a facilitation technique or a tool from a practical angle. The platform was designed to be updated with new content on a regular basis. Reflecting Imfusio’s commitment to individual empowerment, I did my best to provide tools to ensure autonomous and consistent content production over time.

Tone of voice, editorial guidelines and glossary

The first step in this project was to formalise Imfusio’s tone of voice in a document and list the characteristics and constraints specific to the platform. This ever-evolving document was designed to be updated on a regular basis; I was able to amend it after Matters, the UX design agency which developed the platform, tested the interface’s microcopy on real users.

Conscious that the platform would be translated into English, I suggested developing a glossary from the start of the project; it was used and updated later by the translation agency.

Rewriting information sheets for the open-source library

The next step involved compiling existing material, asking (plenty of) questions and rewriting the content to reflect the template designed by Imfusio. As a fresh pair of eyes, I was able to standardise the information sheets while making sure the concepts and techniques would be easily understood by an audience with little experience of facilitation.

Rewriting information sheets for Imfusio

Imfusio also hired a specialist to write additional gated long-form content: at every step of the project, I worked closely with Anne-Sylvie to ensure our work formed a coherent and complementary whole.

Working on better taxonomy

The next step involved compiling existing material, asking (plenty of) questions and rewriting the content to reflect the template designed by Imfusio. As a fresh pair of eyes, I was able to standardise the information sheets while making sure the concepts and techniques would be easily understood by an audience with little experience of facilitation.

A continuous process

The reception to the first batch of information sheets was very positive and we’re already working on new content to further enhance the library.

More importantly, we’ve ensured everybody within the organisation, both now and in the future, will be able to create new content which is consistent with previously published information sheets.

‘Loreleï helped us perfect our editorial tone and ensured our documents and our jargon were accessible and appealing to a wide audience. She quickly understood our approach, our needs and our values: she now anticipates our questions and reactions and makes excellent suggestions. She adapted to our way of working and our particular need for flexibility and she was unfailingly enthusiastic :)’

Marie Beriot O’Connell, transformation designer at Imfusio